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ISOW cultural connection

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Chatting over a cup of coffee Part 1 - Indonesia in the mix

Raising questions about how, what and why we consume.

> Where does your coffee come from?

> How does coffee find you?

> Is it the coffee that connects us or the ritual?

> Why are you having coffee?

No plans for this Sunday?

Come to the coziest café in Wageningen, Columbus, and sip a range of unique types of coffee coming from Indonesia! 

We will present and let you taste 4 different types of coffee coming from Indonesia

- Arabica Toraja

- Kopi Luwak 

- Arabica Papua Wamea 

- Robusta Gayo Aceh

Typical Indonesian snacks will be served while tasting these delicious varieties of coffee. Don’t miss this opportunity and come chat and drink with us - bring your coffeeaholic friend too!! ;)

LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE!! Make sure to subscribe!

Opening doors at 11.00

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