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Tango intensive workshop

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What is Argentine Tango?
“Tango is a non-verbal conversation on music between two humans”.
And for that the dance is uttermost suitable to join people with different languages, cultures and ages and let them interact with each other. For us, the essence of Argentine tango is to meet the other in the music.
A tango dance can look big and spectacular, it does not mean that a dance with small and simple movements is a less fine dance. In fact, if you are attentive to yourself and your partner, that simple dance can be very special.
Exactly in the Argentine Tango everything comes together. Connection, grace, movement from the inside, contact. Tango is a social dance, characterized by a constant embrace, without exaggeration or spectacular movements. ‘The couple moves in harmony, connected, which in the man is reflected in the rhythm and in the woman in the sensuality of the movements’.
In this Intensive we take people on a journey into the world of Argentine tango. In this Intensive of 5 hours, we intend to do the moves that we normally do in about 8 normal lessons, but now we can skip the ‘repetition of the week before’.

The goal is to enjoy the mutual embrace and the music, taking into account the space on the dance floor and in harmony with the other couples.

After this Intensive you could step into the regular ‘Beginners-2’ lessons with a 50%-discount for students which start at 16th April in Thuis.
Dance experience or a good physical condition are not necessary, a partner would be nice but if you come alone, we will work something out.

‼️Clothing and shoes‼️
Wear clothing in layers, we are dancing and teaching together so it really could get hot.
Especially for the ladies: Shoes with a soft sole with which you can turn easily on the spot would be great.

Teachers are Rob and Petra from

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