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Connecting culture part 2

ISOW brings to you a series of Cultural Connections workshops, which started with an Indonesian Coffee Experience (23-09-18). Now, we have a how-to for making a hotpot together with new and old friends. As days get colder and darker, this will be a perfect way to warm up on a gezellig Sunday!

Register now since we have limited spots!

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Diwali- The festival of lights

It is symbolic of the victory of good over evil linked to the ancient tales of Hindu literature. People today draw the idea from there and celebrate this joyous occasion with family and friends, distributing sweets, decorating home and more importantly with lights, in the form of Diyas, the traditional lamps. Come join us and we will tell you about all the modern interpretations of this ancient concept.

The event will be held in ISOW on 11th November from 6-9pm.

First we will tell you all about Diwali as you enjoy Indian snacks, then you will experience the rich Indian culture in the form of cultural performances. You light up diyas and play some traditional games with us after which you can dance your heart out to Indian music.

Entry is free!

Food charge- 4 for non members, 3 for members.

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Art Express

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Jump on the Art Express and unleash your creativity 🚂

Our artists invite you to join them for a fun afternoon of sharing knowledge, ideas and curiosity about different fields of art. Here you can get a better idea of what you can expect:

Poetry performance 

By Donatella Gasparro 

Have you always loved writing verses but never dared standing in front of a crowd? The mic, who’s this stranger? Do you want to explore the performative possibilities of your texts? Come join us for this performative poetry workshop: we’ll break the ice and build up confidence in sharing our deepest poetic thoughts.

Collage art 

By Marcel Reulen 

In this workshop, we will explore the magic and possibilities of the art of paper collage under the guidance of Wageningen based urban collage artist Perishable Rush. If you have collage material, such as magazines at home, please bring them to the workshop. 

Brushless painting

By Sarah Haimes

Miss that childlike feeling of touching everything and getting your hands dirty? This workshop will take you back to those days when painting had nothing to do with technique but whimsical feelings of enjoyment and glee. We will each paint a canvas with our naked fingers, feel the cool paint on your tips and the rugged canvas beneath. You can paint whatever comes to your mind or heart as long as you are smiling through it. No artistic skills necessary just some nude fingertips and your enthusiasm! (Warning: Save your favourite clothes, do not wear them to this workshop!)

Improv Comedy
By Emma Holmes 

Need to clear out those mind cobwebs? Then improv is for you! Use your body and voice to be as silly, and therefore as funny, as humanly possible. Through games and scenes learn to be spontaneously funny with your team mates in this beginner's introduction to improv and the performing arts. No experience needed, just an ability to laugh!

Creative Writing 

By Tina Hauptfeld

Writer's workout: Writing a good story takes a lot of things - great, relatable characters, a nice plot and most of all: training. Exercises for writing different perspectives, locations, tips for overcoming writer's block, and building engaging characters await you in this workshop. Instructions will be in English, but you can write in whatever language you want. And do not worry: there will be no reading aloud of the created texts.

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Get ready for Halloween

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Get ready for Halloween!

Begin Period 2 with the right amount of spooks and scares with your friends! Carve your very own Jack-o-Lantern, and enjoy a delicious soup made out of the insides of the pumpkin. Make your own gooey radioactive material in our Make your Slime workshop. Shiver with fear at the spooky stories get-together. Enjoy a slasher-scary movie playing in the movie room! Prepare your own costume and paint your face or your friend’s to bring out the fright! Dare to venture into the basement where fear lurks in every corner? There is all this and so much more! Join in the fun with ISOW for a spooky spirited night, and top it off with IxESN’s Halloween Party!

Location: ISOW Manor, Generaal Foulkesweg 37

Costs: ISOW Members Free / Non-members 1,50

Don’t forget to bring some small change to relish our ghoulish drinks and snacks.

P.S. There is no registration but we would highly appreciate it if you could click “Going” on the Facebook event if you wish to join. Facebook event

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6:30 PM18:30

Aahaar — The Indian Kitchen

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.27.42.png

ISA, the Indian Students Association and ISOW is all set to bring India to you, but this time on a plate. Come experience the world spices and drown in the pleasure of a complete meal. We promise you lip smacking food, a happy tummy and most importantly an unforgettable memory.

Come get a taste of India, like literally!

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to Oct 13

Karaoke night with SHOUT

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The SHOUT-ISOW karaoke party is a chance for you sing your favourite songs as loudly (and as badly) as you want. It is the closing party of the Pink Week, which celebrates SHOUT turning 50 years old. The week will be filled with all sorts of activities, such as an Oktoberfest, reunion, documentary and LGBTQ human library.

The karaoke party is on Friday 12 October at Wilde Wereld, Burgtstraat 1. Doors open at 20:30 and there will be a bar (cards are now accepted) to keep you going until 01:00 (with possibilities to stay open until 03:00, depending on how crazy the night goes).

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to Oct 3

Movie night with IxSEN

Come watch a movie together with IxESN and ISOW! We will transform the Building with the Clock into a cinema. The movie starts at 21:00h. You can vote for your favorite movie in the poll on Facebook. You can bring your own food and drinks with you!

WHERE: Building with the Clock (Generaal Foulkesweg 37)
TIME: 21:00h 

See you there!

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11:00 AM11:00

ISOW cultural connection

Coffee flyers .jpg

Chatting over a cup of coffee Part 1 - Indonesia in the mix

Raising questions about how, what and why we consume.

> Where does your coffee come from?

> How does coffee find you?

> Is it the coffee that connects us or the ritual?

> Why are you having coffee?

No plans for this Sunday?

Come to the coziest café in Wageningen, Columbus, and sip a range of unique types of coffee coming from Indonesia! 

We will present and let you taste 4 different types of coffee coming from Indonesia

- Arabica Toraja

- Kopi Luwak 

- Arabica Papua Wamea 

- Robusta Gayo Aceh

Typical Indonesian snacks will be served while tasting these delicious varieties of coffee. Don’t miss this opportunity and come chat and drink with us - bring your coffeeaholic friend too!! ;)

LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE!! Make sure to subscribe!

Opening doors at 11.00

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